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The History of BPS-Statistics Indonesia

  The Colonial Period  
    Statistical activities in Indonesia has already begun during the Dutch colo-nial period carried out by a statistical office established in Bogor in Febru¬ary 1920 by the Director of /Agriculture, Industry and Trade (Directeur van Landbouw Nijverheld en Handel). The task of the office was to process and publish statistical data. On September 24, 1924 the office was moved to Jakarta and was named Centraal Kantoor voor de Statistiek (CKS) Central Office of Statistics and the office's main activity was to support the Dutch colonial government in its policy formulation. At that time its operation was limited to simple statistics, such as registering agriculture and collecting data on prices.  
  The activities were expanded in 1930 when the law on Population Census was issued and then, again in 1934, when the law on Statistics was issued.
In 1930, the office conducted a monumental task, the 1930 Population Census, the first one in Indonesia.



Centraal Kantoor voor de Statistiek (CKS) was the unit within the Departement van Economischezaken (Economics Ciepartement) responsible for statistical data collection during the dutch colonial period. Shown here is the picture of a row of the unit's officers standing on the foreground of their office.


.The Japan Period
When the Japanese Army occupied Indonesia in the period of 1942-1945, the Central Office of Statistics came within the jurisdiction of the Japa¬nese Military Government (Sunseikanbu) and its activities were directed mainly to support war and military actions. At that time, the Central Office of Statistics was named "Shomubu Chosasitsu Gunseikanbu."
The Independence Period - now
After the independence of the Republic of Indonesia was proclaimed on August 17, 1945, Shomubu Chosasitsu Sunseikanbu was nationalized and named Kantor Penyelidikan Perangkaan Umum Republik Indonesia (KAPPURI) or the Office of General Statistical Research of the Republic of Indonesia.
When the Republic's government evacuated from Jakarta to Yogyakarta at beginning of 1946, K/4PPURI was also moved to Yogyakarta.
In the meantime, the Dutch Federal Government (NIC/4) reactivated the Central Office of Statistics (CKS) which had temporarily been under the Japanese authorities.
Stable or unstable, statistical functions must be carried out continuously. During and after the 1965 coup attempt, an unstable period, BPS ought to perform its duty as an agency providing statistical data. The picture shows a classroom scene in an enumerators training of livestock survey, undertaken in 1967
After the Dutch Government officially acknowledged the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia in 1949, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia was reinstalled in Jakarta. By virtue of the Ministry of Welfare Decree Number 219/S.C., dated June 12, 1950 the two offices, KAPPURI and CKS (Central Office of Statistics) were merged into Kantor Pusat Statistik (KPS) or the Central Office of Statistics, and came under the aegis of the Ministry of Welfare.
The Government of the Republic of Indonesia continued to develop the status of KPS and on March 1,1952, the Minister of Economy issued Decree Number P/44 by which KPS was made responsible to the Minister of Economy. On December 24, 1953, by Decree number 18.099/M KPS was subdivided into two divisions; i.e., Division A responsible for research, and Division B responsible for research and administration.
When the Ministry of Economy was split into the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Industry by Presidential Decree Number 131, 1957, the status of KPS was indeterminate. However, by Presidential Decree number X/172 of June 1, 1957, it was changed into Biro Pusat Statistik (BPS) - Central Bureau of Statistics - with a new status by which it is put directly responsible to the Prime Minister.
According to Article 2 of Law Number 6/1960 on Census, on September 24, 1960, BPS was designated as the agency to carry out population census. To fulfill Article 2 of that Law, on September 24, 1960 BPS embarked on a formidable task, the first population census since the Independence of Indonesia. This huge task was decided to be conducted at the same time throughout the country in 1961.
BPS Kantor Pusat berlokasi di Jl. dr. Sutomo No.6—8, Jakarta Pusat, suatu daerah dekat pusat bisnis yaitu Pasar Baru dan Pasar Senen. Kantor BPS juga dekat dengan kawasan kantor-kantor pemerintah.
  In the provinces, the census was implemented by the Office of the Governor and in the regencies/municipalities by the Office of the Regent/Mayor, whereas in the sub-regencies by special division, established specifically to carry out the population census. By the Presidential Cabinet Decree Number Aa/C/9, 1965, the Census Divisions of the gubernatorial, regency and municipality offices were officially established as Kantor Sensus dan Statistik Daerah (Local Office of Census and Statistics).
 The New Order government fully realized the importance of statistical data as inputs into the process of planning and evaluation of development activities. Under the New Order Government, various government regulations were issued to provide legal basis for BPS to carry out its task in connection with census implementation. There were three regulations issued on censuses, namely: Government Regulation Number 21/1979 on Population Census, Government Regulation Number 2/1983 on Agricultural Census, and Government Regulation Number 29/1985 on Economic Census.
In January 9, 1992, Government Regulation Number 2/1992 on the Organization of BPS was issued and this was complemented by Presidential Decree Number 6/1992 which stipulate the role, tasks, functions and organizational structure and working system of BPS.
BPS was strengthened again by replacing the old statistical law with a new one, i.e., Law Number 16/1997 on Statistics.
  Detail of About BPS ?  
  1. The History of BPS-Statistics Indonesia  
  2. BPS-Statistics of Banten Province Offices  
  3. Organizational Structure  
  4. Vision and Mission of BPS  
  5. Position and Function of BPS  
  6. Current BPS Statistical Activities  

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