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About BPS

  BPS Pusat Statistik (BPS-Statistics Indonesia) is a Non-Departmental Government Institution which directly responsible to the president.

As stated in law number 16, 1997 on statistics, BPS is vertical institution, with its braches spread out in all provinces/regencies/municipalities. In each sub-district, there is at least on mantri statistik who responsible for collecting and gathering statistical data from that area.


Base on Law on Statistics, statistical data are classified into the following types :

1. Basic statistics, are statistics used for broad range of both government and community purposes, which have cross sector characteristics, on a national and macro scale, and will be the responsibility of BPS for collecting the data.
2. Sector Statistics, are statistics used to satisfy the needs of particular institutions in and effort to perform the duties of the related institution.
3. Special Statistics, are statistics used to fully the specific needs of bussiness, education, socio culture and community interests, under taken by non government institutions, individual and/or other parts of the community.
BPS as a statistical information provider for government, private institutions and community, has been trying to fully those information needs. Various statistical data are available at BPS, such as data on agriculture, communication, consumption expenditure, construction, energy, foreign trade, mining, finance, population, tourism, transportation, income, consumer price index and other price indices.

BPS produces various statistical data on social and economic, which has been used widely by government, private institution and community. The data are presented in both hard copy such as regular publication books, and soft copy such as soft copy publications and internet.

In order to fully a various range of statistical data requirement, BPS could provide the information in any format (which is not available in standard publication), as required by data users (as long as the required information is available in the raw data set).

Besides that, BPS provides other services, such as undertaking :

1 Survey planning, sampling methodology or questionnaire design  
2 Training on computer and statistics  
3 Consultation on statistics  
All products of BPS could be obtained at BPS central office or BPS branches at all provinces/regencies/municipalities in Indonesia.
  Detail of About BPS ?  
  1. The History of BPS-Statistics Indonesia  
  2. BPS-Statistics of Banten Province Office  
  3. Organizational Structure  
  4. Vision and Mission of BPS  
  5. Position and Function of BPS  
  6. Current BPS Statistical Activities  

Badan Pusat Statistik Provinsi Banten (Statistics of Banten Province)
Jl. Syeh Nawawi Al- Bantani Kav. H1-2 Serang, Banten Telp (0254) 267027 Faks (0254) 267026, Email : banten@bps.go.id

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