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History of Banten Province

  Banten is name of area which known since 14 century . Last ago Banten is place coming of sea squadron with some trader from any country, and finally euro people control this area. In year 1330 people have known a country which as Banten today, and later this area controlled by Majapahit King with Gajah Mada and Hayam Wuruk leader. In that last time, Majapahit King and Demak King are two king power in nusantara (Indonesia). In year 1524-1570 moeslem trader come to Banten and that time, begin of islam religious growth in Banten. In about two century later, Banten Kadipaten build in Surasowan in October 8, 1526. In year 1552-1570 Maulana Hasanudin Panembahan Surasowan become first Banten Sultan (leader). In that time, begin Sultan government in Banten which finally at Sultan Muhammad Rafi'uddin (1813-1820), which 10 rd sultan government since last time sultan and people war with illegal government. But war of Banten people forever, and end of war since illegal government go out from Banten.  
In  freedom time, Banten people want build a province, since 1953 and year 1963 made Panitia Banten Province  in Serang regency Pendopo. In meeting between Panitia Banten Province with DPR-GR make agreement to frame Banten Province. In October 25, 1970 pleno musyawarah meeting of Banten agree Presidium of Panitia Banten Province. But  not convenient to build one province which unravel of west Java. In orde Baru, struggle of Banten people can not really yet.

In reformation order, struggle of Banten people is very obstinate because free democracy and regency autonomy (self-government) issue. In July 18, 1999 there was declaration of Banten people in Serang alun-alun yard, later Badan BKomite Panitia Province Banten arrange basic guide and job planing and recommendation of Komite Pembentukan Province Banten (PPB). Since that, conformed subs of commission PPB in some regency in Banten to fast conformation of Province Banten . After through martiall aborious ultimately at 4 October 2000 Tight Paripurna DPR-RI affirm RUU  Banten Province become act No.  23 Year 2000 about Institution  Banten Province.   Posterior at date  October 17, 2000 Presiden Abdurrahman Wahid affirm UU No.  23 Year 2000 about PPB.   One mouth  after that at  November 18, 2000 there was agreement of  Banten Province  and  Functionary Gubernur H.  Hakamudin Djamal for implement officer provinsi transitory squander before terpilihnya Gubernur Banten definitif.   At year 2002 DPRD Banten vote Lateral.  Intuition.  H.  Djoko Munandar, accompany and Hj.  Atut Chosiyah as Gubernur and Wakil Gubernur Banten first.

Sourcer: Buku Sekapur Sirih Perjalanan Panjang dan Kronologis Terbentuknya Propinsi Banten 1953 2000  by Drs. E. Iwa Tuskana Supandri.











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